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SELFISH NEEDY CREATURES wants you to remember when rock n roll was dangerous, unpredictable, dirty and crude - come back over from the dark side and embrace the world of heavy music because rock n roll will save your soul!

   Vegas, formally of the Bruise Bros., created SNC
After a number of member changes, Tommy Q, Karl Von Heilman III, and Chris Patti rounded out the band, as they all share the same passion and chemistry to bring rock n roll back from the dead...
SNC has toured with bands such as Sevendust, Deftones, Sick Puppies, Nonpoint, Drowning Pool, Halestorm, Apocalyptica , Hail the Villain...and more!!! 
SNC will be at a town near you soon - SO STAY TUNED!
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                           The Hard Way




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"Rock-N-Roll Will Save Your Soul"

ft. Morgan Rose of Sevendust



Mixed by Corey lowery


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